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JetSki Solutions uses the highest grade materials for each application in our remanufacturing & restoration processes.

 Specifications and processes are designed to eliminate all known failure modes in each specific part or sub-assembly.

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Kawasaki 1200 STX-R plug wire replacement service
JetSki Solutions, your savior so you don't have to buy new ignition coils just because the plug wires are damaged

Yamaha GP1200 SUV XLT 1200 A 65U series Ignition coil spark plug wire replacement service
Give your coils a new lease on life and eliminate engine issues caused by faulty plug wires. Services is fast, usually overnight.

Yamaha Superjet Blaster XL700 WaveRaider GP800 IGN COIL PLUG WIRE REPLACEMENT SERVICE
JetSki Solutions ignition coil plug wire replacement system gives your coil a new lease on life for less than 1/3 the cost of new.

Kawasaki 750sx 750sxi 800sxr 750SS 750STS Ignition coil spark plug wire replacement service
Don't buy a new oem or inferior aftermarket ignition coil just to replace the faulty plug wires. 70% of all ignition related poor engine operation is due to faulty plug wire, and or terminals / boots. It is common for the engine to run normally for the first 30 minutes to hour of riding, then the engine starts acting up......if you have the original wires, you can bet they are the all or part of the problem. Turn around time for this service is FAST...typically just a few days !!!

MSD ignition coil spark plug cable replacement system
When your MSD ignition coil needs it's worn cables replaced.....or you just want to get rid of the RFI suppression wire, look no further than JetSki Solutions for the highest quality replacement system available.

Polaris Octane Spark Plug Wire Replacement

Yamaha GP 1300R XLT1200 GP1200 RZ XR1800 spark plug wire set, 66V series new
The spark plug wire provided on today's jet skis breakdown internally over time. Be it resistor core or stranded, they all go bad sooner or later. The weak spark condition can cause all types of problems including high speed missing, low speed missing, poor starting, and poor performance in general which gets worse when engine warms to operating temp

Yamaha Superjet 701 Kawasaki 750sx Kawasaki 800 SXR Ignition coil spark plug wire replacement
99% of the time, the only thing wrong with your very high quality OEM Mitsubishi ignition coil are the WIRES and terminals.  Don't purchase a inferior copy ignition coil just to have new plug wires......they are known to fail quickly.  Your original high quality Mitsubishi OEM coil will live on almost forever with new plug wires.

Be sure to specify cable / braid color combo ID letter from photo below.
We also have solid neon green, yellow, red/white/blue, orange

Be sure to send electric case grommets with Yamaha coil

Turn around is fast, usually 1-2 days always !

Yamaha LS2000 LX210 GP 1200 Waveventure 1100 Ignition coil plug wire replacement SERVICE
We only use high quality Taylor 8mm silicone stranded core wire!

See photo below for new braid colors !!!

Kawasaki 1100 ZXI 900 ZXI 1100 STX 900 STX ignition coil plug wire replacement service
Don't waste $$ buying new ignition coils just because the plug cables and boots are shot!  Trust our industry proven plug cable system to put you back on the water quick without breaking the bank.   The 8mm stranded wire core spark plug wire can be stock length, or any other length you specify.  Cable available is BLACK, BLUE and RED

Kawasaki 650sx 650 sx 650 X2 igniter spark plug wire replacement SERVICE
JetSki Solutions spark plug wire replacement system for YOUR Kawasaki 650 igniter CDI unit.  Turn around time is FAST!  Usually 1-2 days.
 Spark plug wires do not last forever. Give your igniter CDI a new lease on life, and enjoy full power spark performance again with new plug wires installed.

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