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Bilge Pump & Start Stop harness

Kawasaki bilge switch
Easy and bulletproof !!
Please email us to place your order.

Carburetor Remanufacture/ rebuild Services / Parts

Kawasaki 750 SXI pro 800 SXR carb remanufacture service Mikuni 40mm
When you want it done right the first time, perfectly, and for a fair price, look no further than JetSki Solutions!

Electrical Box / Ignition Systems Remanufacture Services

Kawasaki JS550 js550SX JS 550 JS440 Kawasaki 650sx ebox remanufacture service 650 X2
Have your ebox remanufactured today and RIDE ........not WRENCH !! 550/ 650 or 550 / 750 conversions no problem Be sure to scroll down to view all photos.

Kawasaki 800 SXR 750sx 750 sxi 750 STS 750ss ebox Ebox remanufacture service
Get that old, corroded e box restored to better than new condition today and spend less time wrenching, more time riding!

NEW.....MACHINED ALUMINUM FITTINGS  Never worry about the white nylon breaking in the future!

Please note,  the service does not restore the potted electronics inside the CDI / Igniter, In almost all cases, the igniter is good
it is the old tired corroded wiring, ground terminals,connectors, relay, plug wires etc causing problems.
We test the igniter for basic operation, to the rev limit for one minute,  This usually proves internal electronics are good.

We can not test the CDI / Igniter for time or temperature related issues

Custom length plug wires and harness lengths no problem.


Kawasaki 550SX JS 550 550SX JS 440 stator remanufacture restoration service
Jetski Solutions has the experience, technology, equipment
and materials to save your vintage Japanese ignition components !

Fuel System

Kawasaki Vintage Fuel Pick Up screw down cap style
Please send us a email message to order.


Kawasaki 550sx 650 X2 650SX js440 js550 SX battery starter cable set
Please email us to place your order.  We will send a PayPal invoice right away 9am-7pm
Most orders ship next day if ordered by 2pm

Bilge Pump Wiring / Controls

Kawasaki 750sx SX-R 800 bilge wiring kit with switch
Top quality bilge part for your Kawasaki!


Kawasaki 1100 ZXI 900 ZXI 1100 STX 900 STX ignition coil plug wire replacement service
Don't waste $$ buying new ignition coils just because the plug cables and boots are shot!  Trust our industry proven plug cable system to put you back on the water quick without breaking the bank.   The 8mm stranded wire core spark plug wire can be stock length, or any other length you specify.  Cable available is BLACK, BLUE and RED

Start Stop Switch restoration services

Kawasaki 550sx 650sx 750sx 750sxi SXR 800 Start Stop Switch Service
Our Kawasaki start stop switch service covers most models produced over the last 30 years.

SXR 1100 carb services

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