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I recently swapped the motor on my x2 to a 750. The ebox I had was a mess and I couldnt get my ski to turn over. Luckily I found these guys and sent them my stuff. They informed me my stator was bad and ended up replacing it. They also did a full rebuild on all my electronics. Their work was above and beyond what I expected. Super clean work and attention detail. I really appreciate all the help and the excellent job you did in fixing my stuff. Thanks again, highly recommend!

Jeremy B, Folsom, CA, Sep 23rd 2022

JetSki solutions recently restored my JS 550 EBOX and stator and did a excellent job. The quality of the restoration was better then when it came new from kawasaki. I would highly recommend them for any PWC electrical restorations.

John A, Sep 26th 2020

Did not get to write in a Testimonial last year.Something came up and didn't get to ride it last year. But we did get to ride it this week and boy it rides great. We had upgraded our 650ssx stand up with an 750sts engine. We had talked with John if was okay to use the stater from the 650 he said you could use it but the 750 stater was way better stater. John said he could rewire the 750 E-box to work in our 650 ski. So we sent him the 750 E-box just the way they tell you to .It got there in got there in a day. John contacted after he looked at it and asked me what did I want do. Asked him if he could go though the hole thing and put in what he thought it needed. John took care it. Everything we talked about john did and then some.The turn around time is not that long. When we got our E-box back and opened up the box the product that came back from the people at JetSki Solutions.It blew us away. The work and the detail that was put in the box was amazing.You Guys are great at what you do. It plugged up Beautiful just a little work on our part. Looks like it came with the ski from the factory. Thank you again for your great work. Need to see if you have a sticker we can put on the box. We had the hood opened and a couple of skiers looked inside and asked us were we got the e-box from. Smiled and told them JetSki Solutions. You Guys take care.

John D, Tracy, CA, Jul 3rd 2020

Had my e box rebuilt for my FX1 recently. Even during this crazy pandemic it was done in a timely fashion and correctly. Installed it and fired the first try. I want to thank you for everything once again, I will be coming back for all my jet ski needs. Great job!

Joe B, Sacramento, CA, Jun 18th 2020

Ordered my primer kit , shipped Saturday had it Monday. Installed in less than an hour worked great.

Randy M, Butler, IN, Apr 27th 2020

My neighbor had a PWC that was submerged and then sat for 3 years. They thought it was a lost cause and were going to junk it. I pulled the Rusty and corroded ignition box and it to Jet ski solutions. In no time it was back like new and the PWC runs great. Excellent quality and service.

Frank M, Overland Park, KS, Apr 20th 2020

I'm absolutely happy that I went with these guys to help me fix my Yamaha powered jet rib. Quick turn around, excellent conversation. Thank you!

Thomas P, FL, Mar 3rd 2020

Cant say enough positive comments. Fast, professional, trustworthy, great communication.

Damian G, MI, Feb 1st 2020

What an excellent experience. I submitted my old stator and it came back like a brand new stator. Jet ski solutions were fast and economical and very easy to work with. I am sending them another one for testing and repair! I wish all companies were this good!

Eric P, Sep 17th 2019

John and the team not only do high quality work at a fair price, they will answer any questions you have. My JS550 stator came back looking better than factory new, and then the charge coil promptly burnt up. The team sent me all the ohm specs for other components that might have been the culprit. Turns out it was a bad rectifier and we got my ski back on the water within a week of sending back for a rewinding. These guys are the real deal and have a customer as long as they are in business!

Justin C, Aug 22nd 2019

I bought the ski of my childhood dreams this winter, a 1989 Kawasaki 650sx stand up jet ski. I had a blast riding it this spring and then it died. I'm thankful that Jetski Solutions is around and still supporting these older jet skis. I sent a nasty and rust filled box that had 30 years of abuse. They sent me back a beautiful piece of art and after an hour of connecting things back together I headed to the lake. BTW, I love they they only use original and high quality parts and replaced a new but cheap relay I tried to install. The ski ran better than ever and had way more response and power. I'm betting I'll get another 30 years from the electrical box (I hope I'll still be riding then)

Robert M, Montpelier, VA, Aug 22nd 2019

Id like to add from my previous post, that I would definitely recommend replacing your stock CDI box with the Zeeltronic system. Such a sweet addition with the fuse hole access switch to change the curves! And comes with a programmable cable to download from their site! Happy riding!

Mark H, South Charleston, WV, Aug 19th 2019

Several weeks ago, my 2003 SXR fried the wiring from the stator to the ebox and even burned the voltage regulator and CDI some. I was devastated, because this ski was all stock, mint condition, and was always maintenance and trouble free for me. Sadly, I didnt learn about John and JSS until after I had bought some Chinese aftermarket components. (CDI, stator, voltage regulator) Let me just say, with these off brand components, the ski ran God awful. Almost like it was running on one cylinder. I checked everything over and over. I could not get it to run any better. Then, after researching more forums, I heard about John and JSS. He was beyond helpful to me. I sent the entire ebox and stator to him. I also opted for the Zeeltronic system as well. Total turnaround time was about 3 weeks because they were slammed with restorations. Got the finished products back and installed them, and I was blown away. Wow. My SXR was not only back, but back with a vengeance! It ran 10 times better than I remember it. I cannot thank John and JSS enough. Guys and gals, if you need work done on your craft, do not hesitate to contact these awesome folks. I wish I had found them in the beginning, before my costly mistake online with knock off aftermarket.

Mark H, South Charleston, WV, Aug 19th 2019

Have used them twice, one to rebuild a startstop switch and the other to add new plug wires to coil. Turnaround time had been excellent each time. Definitely would use them again without hesitation.

David C, Galwayi, NY, Jul 18th 2018

I want to give a huge shout out to my main electrical guy John, over at JetSki solutions. John has always done A plus work for me, every single wire in my JetSki has been re-done by him, and my most recent story is, my start and stop switch housing (which is also a billet one, its not a stock housing) I had a short In the green starter button and the reason that happened is because Im all about the bling and I have to have that billet start and stop switch. so long story short John made sure he made that switch housing work for me. so he figured out the problem with my start and stop box fixed it all up and sent it back, didnt even ask me for a dime I only had to pay to ship it back. So he basically warrantee his work that he did for me because he originally built that switch box for me and he originally told me that those switch box arent always the greatest because of how the wire sits inside of them, but he still came through and did what I asked for! Thank you so much John at JetSki solutions you have my business for life and I will always continue to send guys your way. And for the record his prices might be a bit pricey but its worth every penny! ever since I put one of his reworked eboxs in my ski Ive never had a problem again! Well worth the money! John you have my business forever thanks so much for everything youve done for me... If you havent had your JetSki electronics serviced by Jon then you dont know what youre missing by far one of the best things you can ever do to your ski is have your e-box serviced by the legend

Justin L, FL, Jul 4th 2018

Hands down the best guys on the internet for anything jet ski related. I recently purchased a whole ebox from them for a 650sx after chasing an electrical gremlin for about 3 months. And all I can say is wow! Worth every penny. Looks awesome and functions even better. Ski has never ran this smooth! Any more problems I have or anything I need redone will be sent to these guys! Shipping is fast and will typically respond very quickly. Beyond happy

Christian R, Jul 3rd 2018

sent in my stator for restoration for my 87 js 550. i couldnt believe what it came back as!! the ski fired right up. great job!!!

TJ O, IL, May 8th 2017

I have a 1985 and a 1990 550 and I sent in my stator for my 85' and the process is fast. I am very satisfied with the results and will be sending in my 90' in as soon as I remove it from my engine. Both were having charging issues and I hope when I fire them up this spring I wont have any issues. Thanks!!

Dane K, Griffith, IN, Apr 13th 2017

you sold the stuff to my brother, Rich Carruba, so don't be confused I just returned from an early ride. I have a 1996 RN Superjet, bought new, and used hard every season. The ski is mostly stock. Over time, it began to miss, gradually getting worse when it warmed up. We rebuilt the carbs, but the problems didn't go away. The 20 year old harness was sent, tested, and renewed. The diagnosis was that all coilsstators were fine, but the spark plug wires were long dead. The new harness arrived, all beautiful wiring and well assembled. Ski fired up, and ran hard to the limiter-no misses or bogs. Nicely done and well worth the money.

Casey R, Croton, NY, Apr 9th 2017

I needed 2 new kill switch assemblies for my 2 jet skis. New they are around $180 each. Sent my old ones to Jet Ski solutions and had them completely rebuilt for $75 each. Did an excellent job, had great communication and the turnaround time was super fast! Thanks for saving me a lot of money!

Brad S, Mar 22nd 2017

I recently sent the electrical box out of my SXR 1100 conversion to JSS for some component testingrepair and spark plug cable replacement. I also ordered a new set of batterystarter cables. All I can really say is that I should have sent it sooner... JSS did absolutely fantastic work and it was a completely reasonable price. John was super communicative and thorough in his emails. He gave me an accurate outline and the turn around time for the work was less than a week (that obviously doesn't include shipping time). When I got the box back, everything looked fantastic and I felt extremely confident with all of the work that was done. Like I said above, it is a shame I waited so long to send it, because it really was worth it. I really couldn't recommend JSS more and I will definitely be sending any future electrical work I may need to them again. My ski runs awesome now and I can't wait to get it back out on the water and cut some buoys! Thanks again so much!

Darren B, Lomita, CA, Oct 23rd 2016

Thank you for going the extra mile on the stator. And the bench testing prior to shipment.. My 440 Kaw started up in 2 pulls after the stator install. One pull when it's warm. The oem exciter coil is critical, as the cdi needs to have the right voltage and current to operate consistently and correctly. Fast shipping to boot! The Fit and finish and wiring is spot on. Worth every penny. Thank you again for the great quality stator! Nathan, A&P mechanic

Nathan K, KY, Oct 4th 2016

After years of replacing solenoids and taking my e box apart every week, I contacted jetski solutions to rebuild it. My E box was a disaster with broken connectors and frayed wires letting moisture corrode it. They rebuilt it with top quality oem parts and use superior aftermarket connectors. The MSD spark boots really grip the plugs. My ski has never had such smooth and consistent spark and power. These guys are no imitators, their quality is proven!

chad t, helena, MT, Aug 16th 2016

I have sent all my coils to have them upgraded and I've been very happy with the results! Thanks again! Mike

Mike A, MI, Dec 31st 2015

I needed a new gp1200 onoff switch ASAP.. I Ship it to Jetski Solutions out on Wendsday Nov. 25 2015 (Day before Turkey Day)I never thought I would get my onoff switch so fast..I got it Monday Nov. 30 2015..whaaaooo that was fast. the switch was the one i had send to them I mark it inside.. new wires it looked killer.. My brother just bought a new 1 for $220.00. He tells me why did we not know about this company before..Great Company.. Sure got my bussines. 2000 gp1200 Riva Stage 3 72.4 GPS 2008 gp1300 Riva Stage 1 69. GPS 2014 FZX Stock Thanks

Rick L, Spring hill, FL, Dec 3rd 2015

What can I say... There is no way you guys could have possibly done a better job!! Website instructions and pricing were spot on and fair. Email communication from beginning to end was flawless. Packaging was carefully done and appropriate. Well done. Service and quality like this is the exception these days, not the rule. Thank you thank you! Bryan

Bryan J, Lake Worth, FL, Oct 17th 2014

I have a 78 js440 I put away 14 years ago w racing fuel still it. I broke it out last June and cleaned it up, put new fuel in it, changed the fuel lines and it started right up to my amazement . However half way through the day it died, the ground wires melted in the e box all the way to stator sent john the box and stator for rebuild, got it back put it together and started and ran perfect .cant tell you how happy I am with JSS . John I'm hagiographic to send the carb next so you you can do your magic on it. thanks so much, a veteran jet pilot.

David M, Saucier, MS, Oct 16th 2013

I have a 78 js440 I put away 14 years ago w racing fuel still it. I broke it out last June and cleaned it up, put new fuel in it, changed the fuel lines and it started right up to my amazement . However half way through the day it died, the ground wires melted in the e box all the way to stator sent john the box and stator for rebuild got it back put it together and stared and ran perfect

David M, Saucier, MS, Oct 16th 2013

I sent my 1979 js440 electric box that was in pretty bad shape and what i got back looked better than new,so i sent my stator assem. and was again impressed with what i got back. thanks a bunch john. will be sending my carb next.

bruce w, TX, Oct 6th 2012

I have used JSS products or services 3 or 4 times now, and every time they provide the best product, with exceptional quality. Timely and professional service each and every time.

Kevin R, Lakeside, CA, Aug 16th 2012

Just would like to thank Bruce for his expert service skills would not have been able to repair my sled with out him,very helpful and quick to get parts. Thanks Bruce.

Bob T, Delavan, WI, Aug 8th 2012

Another great experience with JSS as always. Great parts at a great price delivered quickly as I was told. Myself and everyone I have referred to JSS are always more than happy. Thanks again John!

mark g, Apr 30th 2012

Very nice quality product. Shipping was fast and part performed beyond my expectations.

B. G, Columbus, GA, Apr 11th 2012

I had a poor, battered, and bruised stator from my 1976 Suzuki GT500 project. John did a fabulous job refurbishing it, including an entirely new wiring harness. Excellent service and communication. Thanks!

Jeffrey P, Mar 15th 2012

Great workmanship and fast turn around on repaired parts. I would recommend to anyone, Thank you again for your help will installation as well.

Chris C, Los Angeles, CA, Feb 13th 2012

I have had several repairs done to my JS440 and all have been first rate, better than OEM, along with excellant customer service. No place does it better!! Thanx!!!

Matthew D, Sep 7th 2011

Well let me start by saying, John is the man with the plan. I sent him my ignition box, which was wasted.He was able to put together a box that work with my ski,and got it back to me in time for the 4 of july weekend. Your in good hands with, John at jetski solution. Thanks again. Julio

julio r, fort white, FL, Jul 11th 2011

This is not my first fantastic experience with Jet Ski Solutions. After a better than OEM job on my coils and stator I have decided to have my carbs done. I am quite particular about workmanship. The most detailed and through job I have ever seen. Thanks!

Erik B, Chicago, IL, Jul 9th 2011

JSS goes above and beyond!! I had John rebuild my startstop switch for my '95 superjet about a year and a half ago. I had a problem with it this year where the lanyard kill switch rubber deteriorated and water got into the switch. I sent it to him for repair. He replaced the switch with an upgraded switch at no charge. I sent the switch to him on Monday and by Thursday it is back to me. Don't buy new electrical parts...let John rebuild them. Far cheaper and better than new. Thanks JSS!!

Lee H, Spartanburg, SC, Jun 23rd 2011

Many thanks to JSS for incredible products and customer satisfaction. John worked with me on the phone to fix my problem. Top of the line service and support!!!

Ben T, Daytona Beach, FL, Jun 9th 2011

I was having major problems with running performance on a Kawasaki ZXI 1100. Worked with John and agreed to rebuild carbs. After shipping to these guys, got a call and John conveyed that carbs were in good shape and was told charges would be about 13 of what was originally quoted. Also needed a way to limit speed so John went to work and came up with a modification that was simple, inexpensive, and adjustable. Turn out to be a great fix. These people are great to work with, more than fair in prices, and go the extra mile to please a customer. Highly recommended. And thanks John for the guidance and concern for the problems I was having.

Lamont H, White House, TN, Jun 7th 2011

I needed a start switch box (three switches inside) for an old Yamaha Waverunner. The new prices I had seen were around $150-$200, and the only used one I found was $100 firm. I sent mine along with it's harness to Jet Ski Solutions for a rebuild, and they were great! I had it back in no time, and it looks brand new. The price was only $90, including priority mail return shipping, and a new wiring harness! THANKS!

Wayne Y, CA, Nov 8th 2010

Many thanks to John for going the extra mile to get my statorcoilcdi issues taken care of. He was straight forward and to the point about what was broken and what wasn't. I was just about ready to scrap my ski when I found out about his service. Prompt service and he saved me a ton of money to boot by fixing only what was me back on the lake in time for a great weekend with my family! Quality of work was "second to none"....wish I had found him sooner! Thanks again John! Keith

Keith F, GA, Jul 24th 2010


ANDE L, MT, Jul 12th 2010

Hi John, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how great this hood seal system has been working for my waveblaster! Thanks to your detailed instructions, I was able to do a superb installation using contact cement. And the u-shaped channel that attaches to the hood itself finishes off the job neatly and cleanly. Not to mention my hull has been dry as a bone! I appreciate you taking the time with me on the phone and e-mails to explain the details. That's unheard of these days! Thanks for a great product and even greater customer servicesupport! Hope you are enjoying your summer!

Vince I, Painesville, OH, Jul 2nd 2010

i have bought an new start stop system and a few new cables for my jetski from 1990 its is perfect work from john i am verry plaesed,i takes two weeks to have it in belgium but its wort the waiting,thanx john,greetings from belgium

gerry v, heppen belgium, Apr 21st 2010

I have been using a Jet Ski Solutions remanufactured stator and electrical box in my Super Jet for the last 3 years. Living in Oceanside, CA, I ride 100% salt water and am not particularly easy on my equipment. Johns work has proven time and time again to be bullet proof as I have never had a single problem with any thing John has done for me. Not only does John do top notch work, his customer service is excellent. In my opinion Jet Ski Solutions is the best in the business

John H, Oceanside, CA, Feb 3rd 2010

Hello, I Just installed my Stator which was re-built by John at Jet ski Solutions, All I can say is WOW!!! What a difference in this Ski!!! I really cant beleive that this would make such a difference!!! Throttle responce is insane, The ski starts instantly, top end has also improved!!! Thanks Again John Kenneth Haupt

Kenneth H, Riverhead, NY, Oct 6th 2009

John, I put the stator you rebuilt in the ski this weekend, I ran like a new one. You did a great job and I love your harness with the stator to e-box disconnects. I wish I had sent you the entire ignition a few weeks ago instead of fighting it myself, it kicked my butt! Also thanks for testing my MSD's, I really thought both were bad, you saved me a bunch of money there. I also apperciate the fast turn around, I didn't miss another weekend of riding. Thanks, Scott Stephens

Scott S, Sep 21st 2009

We can't even begin to tell you how WONDERFUL the staff (John) at this place is....had a local shop holding our carb for several months, complaining they could not locate a certain part. We hooked up with John and within a week we had our broken carb shipped to him. In less than a week, we had a re-built carb back home. Put it on the old jet ski, and cranked right up. (Cranked immediately and sounded better that the newer jet ski - - may need to send that one in!) Thanks - great job and fast service!!!!

Donna Farrell L, Pineville, LA, Aug 10th 2009

John Has created a bullet proof system for my freeride superjet. Diagnosing problems and removing my engine has never been easier thanks to John's quick disconnects. My ski has a much snappier powerban thanks to John's Ignition coil service on top of my MSD enhancer. No body is perfect, thus as salt and electronics don't mix if things got faulty John was on top of it to get it fixed and look into better ways to keep me in the water electrical problem free. Everything John makes, designs, and works on its top notch quality which will help me all that much more in the up coming Oregon surf slam competition. Thanks John! -Mark Gomez -Sponsored Rider-

Mark Gomez G, Fullerton, CA, Aug 6th 2009

We bought a used 2000 Yamaha 1200 LTD which had only 35 hours on it. Well, too, the carbs had just about sat in bilge water most of that time. Before the purchase, the previous owner had the carbs rebuilt. Still didn't run right. We had the carbs worked on. Still didn't run right. We had the carbs rebuilt. Still didn't run right. About ready to add the ski to one of the man-made reefs off the coast, but read about John on one of the jet-ski message boards. Called him, and glad I did! John spent several long sessions with me on the phone, and I finally sent the carbs to him for his "magic". I suppose most techs can rebuild a set of carbs, but what John had to do, too, was get all the corroded adjusters freed-up and out, so the carbs could be adjusted, properly. It really runs smooth, now, and with the other mods I did (d-plate and chip; oil pump removal; primer kit) I think we'll have this boat for a long, long time. And, thanks to John, we'll enjoy it with confidence. This guy can really do the job, and I'd trust him with anything he'd want to take on!

David C, Palm Coast, FL, Jul 16th 2009

I received outstanding customer service with a one week turn around from my shipping to receiving my stator back. The guys there called and talked about my options and I received my part back two days later. Thanks for all of your help. D

Dan R, Dothan, AL, Jul 15th 2009

What more to say than thank you very much to John for his professionalism ..I had an issue with my carb on my stand-up 800 srx I sent it to John and finally I can ride again without worrying of getting stuck on the water .. Thank you very much for a quick service and an excellent job.. I can not recommend "jetskisolutions" enough !!

Arnaud T, May 13th 2009

I had the priviledge of working with John at JSS with regards to a spark plug wire replacement service for my 1994 VXR pro. The crew at JSS were quick with the upgrade, and shipped back promptly. The plug wire replacement looks totally professional, just as they show in their posted photographs. I cannot thank John and JSS for getting my 2009 jet skiing season off to a more reliable start! You guys are the industry standard!

john h, grand haven, MI, Mar 8th 2009

I had been chasing an electrical gremlin in my Superjet for months. I had changed just about everything and until I diagnosed a marginally out of spec charge coil. John wound me a JSS replacement coil and despatched it to me the next day via an international courier. A few days later the ski is back together and out on the water. Wow - what a difference that coil has made!! Superjet now is responsive, goes strong and hits hard..amazing transformation! John has great products at competitive prices but he what sets him apart is in the customer service area. Thanks John for your help.

Malcolm S, Tasmania Australia, Nov 16th 2008

I had nothing but electrical problems with my ski. I was doing everything i could to get the ski running. I sent my ebox and stator to john and got it back working. Save the headache and send it to JSS!!!! Thanks Alot for giving me a running ski again.

jordan C, SC, Nov 2nd 2008

John worked with me over the phone - prior to sending him my defective gear. He helped isolate the trouble so that we only addressed the defective components. Please note that almost all of our communication was done after 7pm. I appreciated that for sure. End result is that the E-box reconditioning and wiring end points were spot leaks any longer, etc. Also, since he tested all components in his shop and provided with passfail info, it assured me that when I re-installed them, I'd be ok...and if any other issues popped up, I could isolate outside of his work. Very helpful. 93 SJ RN - 701cc Patrick

Patrick T, Fort Mill, SC, Oct 16th 2008

I purchased a used 8MM Lamey PV motor from a X-H20 forum member. I took out my old motor, swapped this in, and could not get the motor to fire. I finally did get it started, but it was VERY rare when it would fire (stock ignition, MSD Enhancer). I spent countless hours diagnosing and swapping different ignition system peices out but I had had it! Time to just replace everything brand new and be done. I contacted John on a Monday, and told him that I needed a complete MSD Total Loss System wired up, and to me by Friday. Not only did he come through for me, but communicated every step of the way with progress. Totally awesome! This thing is a peice of art and I have had many compliments on the system but unfortunatly, I cannot take credit which is fine - I did not mind paying the extra couple bucks to have it done right, as I had no experience with the system. It was bad enough I was going to have to program it, set timing, trigger distances, etc. so anything that could make it easier on me, I was all for. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone and as a matter of fact I have quite a bit in the past, because I also had a coil and stator rebuilt a couple years ago which also turned out better then OEM!

Andrew B, Lake Orion, MI, Sep 18th 2008

Wanted to say big thanks to the guys at Jetski Solutions for getting my 1997 GP1200 back on the water so soon. My stator was rebuilt and now my gauges work great. The service and pricing is unmatched! Thanks Again, Fred W. Cortland, NY

Fred W, Cortland, NY, Aug 12th 2008

I've been a PWC enthusist going on 25 years & as with somthings,help is needed from an outside source.Thruout the years there has been some vendors that,unfortunately,provide service in "half measure". Jet Ski Solutions IS NOT one of those vendors.The crew @ JSS went the FULL MEASURE.Right off the bat,they treated my problem as if it were their own.The 550sx elec box was repaired beyond my expectations!Later I called about a carb issue,sound advise was given,PROBLEM SOLVED! To the crew of JSS..THANK YOU !

Jeff G, Sherman, TX, Jul 28th 2008

Great prouduct, Superior workmanship! Even better turnaround time! Thanks!

Erik B, Chicago, IL, Jun 28th 2008

just wanted to thank jet ski solutons for all the fast friedley service in the past few years . my ski has never run better . John has the cleanest, neatest workshop ,of any repair service i have been too. no wonder the service ,is so good .thanks again johnny

james b, Apr 22nd 2008

with 2 stators being rebuilt now and various other odds and ends, he has proven to have an invaluble service to the pwc community. the stator has i think 3 or 4 yrs on it with no trouble. better than stock i would say. thanks john

chris f, OH, Apr 11th 2008

John is a great guy. Always comes through when I have needed parts fast and at a great price.

Cory H, Apr 1st 2008

John, Thanks again for the ultra quick turn on this...and for your patience and advice. I think I was 10 seconds away from throwing a ball pean through my ski when I first called you. None the less, all things considered it ended up being a blessing in disguise. My only question is what did you do with my stator? Kidding, it all looked great. Things went together very smoothly. It ran out today beautifully. With my new lightened fly and trim system installed I had a great day in Sebastian. The ski fired right up and was hitting hard all day!! All the best John, Ill be plugging ya on the forum!! -Mike

Mike M, Feb 14th 2008

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