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1100SXR 1100X2 1100 Blaster Electric Case Build

Kawasaki SXR Blaster 900 1100 ignition system Flat top OEM die cast case
Please contact us at to discuss your build!

Electrical Box / Ignition Systems Remanufacture Services

Start Relay Terminal Relocation Kit For OEM Yamaha Electrical Box
How many times have you fought with your electrical box while trying to service it? Well, not anymore.


Cold Fusion E box Electric box build service
JetFighter quality ignition build service for your Yamaha Superjet! JetSki Solutions


Yamaha GP 1300R XLT1200 GP1200 RZ XR1800 spark plug wire set, 66V series new
The spark plug wire provided on today's jet skis breakdown internally over time. Be it resistor core or stranded, they all go bad sooner or later. The weak spark condition can cause all types of problems including high speed missing, low speed missing, poor starting, and poor performance in general which gets worse when engine warms to operating temp

Yamaha Superjet 701 Kawasaki 750sx Kawasaki 800 SXR Ignition coil spark plug wire replacement
99% of the time, the only thing wrong with your very high quality OEM Mitsubishi ignition coil are the WIRES and terminals.  Don't purchase a inferior copy ignition coil just to have new plug wires......they are known to fail quickly.  Your original high quality Mitsubishi OEM coil will live on almost forever with new plug wires.

Be sure to specify cable / braid color combo ID letter from photo below.
We also have solid neon green, yellow, red/white/blue, orange

Be sure to send electric case grommets with Yamaha coil

Turn around is fast, usually 1-2 days always !

Bilge Pump Wiring / Controls

Yamaha twin bilge pump harness
Please contact us at to place your order.


Yamaha Superjet Yamaha Blaster Waverunner Waveraider battery BATTERY CABLE SETS
Braid cover is typically red and black, or you can request any color shown with our plug cables. Please send us a contact email to order.
WE USE OEM TYPE CABLE, MARINE GRADE, STRANDED SILVER TINNED, ALL TERMINALS SOLDERED! Do not accept cheap cables sets with crimped terminals !!

Fuel System

Needle Mixture Screw Knobs
Are you tired of T-handles on your mixture screws? Does your carb even have T-handles on the ends? Our billet aluminum adjustment knobs are the trick way to precisely "dial in" your carbs!

Primer Tap Fitting
All brass primer line tap fitting.

Primer with Mounting Plate and Guard
Provided with button head mounting screws, washers and nyloc nuts.

Carburetor Remanufacture/ rebuild Services / Parts

Superjet 701Mikuni Twin 38mm tamper cap and shroud removal / billet mixture knobs
JetSki Solutions can machine your Mikunis and install billet mixture knobs for easy tuning.

Please inquire for other services and parts, such as rebuilding / remanufacture, and genuine Mikuni parts

We stock all jet, spring  and needle seat sizes !!

Zeeltronic Sea Doo 951 ignition system

Zeeltronic Sea Doo 951 engine ignition system
Zeeltronic ignition system for Sea Doo 951 engine

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