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JetSki Solutions uses only the highest grade materials for each application in our remanufacturing processes.

Our enhanced specifications and processes are designed to eliminate all known failure modes in each specific part or sub-assembly.

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Jet Ski Solutions
Jet Ski Solutions

Piston pump type primer mounting plate
Do it right the first time with JetSki Solutions products!

Kawasaki 550 bolt down fuel tank cover / pick up assembly
A bulletproof cover / pickup unit that will last. New seal and hardware included.

Needle Mixture Screw Knobs
Are you tired of T-handles on your mixture screws? Does your carb even have T-handles on the ends? Our billet aluminum adjustment knobs are the trick way to precisely "dial in" your carbs!

Yamaha Superjet Fuel Pickup Assembly
This bullet proof fuel pick up assembly is constructed with 316 stainless steel and Tygon tubing. Weighted fuel clunk lays in bottom of the tank and travels with fuel as maneuvers are performed. Clunk has built in filter screen.

Primer Kits
JetSki Solutions manufactures primer kits for all carbureted engines, including custom kits for any application

Primer with Mounting Plate and Guard
Provided with button head mounting screws, washers and nyloc nuts.

Primer Tap Fitting
All brass primer line tap fitting.

Kawasaki Vintage Fuel Pick Up screw down cap style
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