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Primer Kits

JetSki Solutions uses only the highest grade materials for each application in our remanufacturing processes.

Our enhanced specifications and processes are designed to eliminate all known failure modes in each specific part or sub-assembly.

Primer Kits
Primer Kits

JetSki Solutions manufactures primer kits for all carbureted engines, including custom kits for any application

JetSki Solutions offers primer kits for all carbureted engines, including custom kits for Kawasaki triple carbs, Polaris triples and kits designed to mount in the flame arrestor cover, or any application where the original choke is to be retained

Kits supplied with your choice of button or plunger type primer.  Triple kits include custom high flow T fitting to ensure no fuel flow reduction.

All kits supplied with quality Tygon fuel rated tubing.  This tubing will not harden in a few years like some other, and can be removed without cutting.

Photos are of typical kits

  • $30 - Single carburetor
  • $38 - Dual carburetor
  • $44 - Triple carburetor
  • $65  squirt nozzle type, mounts in flame arrestor cover, leaves chokes in place to preserve carb calibration

Primer Kits

Triple, custom fittings mounted in flame arrester

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