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Hood Seal Installation

1.   Remove stock hood gasket. The epoxy left behind needs to be carefully chipped or sanded out and cleaned with acetone to leave a smooth and even surface

2. apply flammable base contact cement to both surfaces, follow adhesive manufacture's directions. 

NOTE:  the supplied peel and stick adhesive will not work....apply contact cement over this adhesive. Unfortunately, this is the only way we can obtain this particular material.

3. enlist a helper and carefully install seal

Glide Strip Installation

1.   Starting at the back of the hood near the hood latch, push the U-shaped channel onto the hood seal area of the hood.

2.   The corners of the hood will be the most difficult to bend. The use of a hair dryer will soften the strip and ease installation at these points.

3.   At the two thin gusset areas at the hood latch, make a small notch in either the gussets or the hood strip for clearance.   A pair of side-cutters will notch the strip very easily or a sharp razor blade will notch the gussets just the same.

4.   Use a pair of side-cutters or a sharp razor blade to trim the strip where the two ends meet. Cut the strip leaving approximately 1/32"~1/16" extra to ensure a water-tight seal. Make sure the two pieces butt up against each other and do not overlap.

5. Hood catch and latch adjustment may be required .

NOTE:   Superglue can be used to keep the strip in place.

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