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Fuel Pickup Installation

1.   Disconnect battery

2.   Remove gas cap to relieve internal tank pressure.

3.   Remove stock fuel lines from tank fitting cutting with a diagonal cutter or razor blade. Make the cut right at the end of the metal fuel pickup tubing, and have a rag under the line to catch fuel.

4.   Completely remove the large hose clamp from around the black rubber fuel fitting and set aside.

5.   Using a dull flat blade screwdriver, carefully pry up the outer rim of the rubber fitting and pull out the stock pickup assemble. Have a rag handy to catch dripping fuel.

6.   Remove ALL pieces from the rubber fitting. The only parts we will use is the rubber fitting and the two small spring clamps.

7.   Obtain a new razor blade, and carefully cut off the two rubber �necks� sticking up from the rubber fitting. (do not remove the ones that will be inside the tank). Try to make the cut perfectly parallel to the top, leaving about 1/16 of an inch. (see close up photo on web site)

8.   Clean the two holes where the old metal tubes were with acetone or lacquer thinner and a small spiral wire brush. It is essential to do this, and to rough up the inside of the holes (with the wire brush) to ensure good adhesion to the stainless tubes.

9.   Decide what way you want the fitting to point. Most people point them to the right side, about the same as the factory setup.

10.   Prepare to install the new pickups by cleaning the long portion with acetone or lacquer thinner, have some paper towels handy and the provided black super glue ready.

11.   Insert one fitting, long end first, about one inch. Next, rock the tube over to one side and apply a small amount of super glue in the pocket you created by pushing it over, then push the tube down, turning it as you go to spread the glue all around the tube. Only do about one or two inches, then push the tube over and apply more glue. Do not apply too much glue at once, or it may run all over the top. IMPORTANT: you mush work quickly or the glue will set. This operation should take no more than 45 seconds. As you near full insertion, make sure you line up the fitting the way you want it pointing, apply a little more glue, and seat it against the top of the rubber fitting. If you have any glue running out, quickly wipe it away with a paper towel and acetone.

12.   Do the same for the second tube.

13.   It is desirable to apply a small bead of glue around the base of each fitting.

14.   Let this sit for two or more hours, preferably over night.

15.   Install the Tygon pickup tubing to each stainless stub protruding from the rubber fitting. Take note that the tubing has a slight curve to it; take advantage of this ensuring that both pickup tube curve match, and point the pickups to the rear. You should wet the stainless stubs with a little spit before attempting to push the tubing on; it is a very tight fit, and push the tubing all the way on until it meets the black rubber.

16.   Use the supplied pinch clamps OR the factory clamps to secure the tubes.

17.   Reinstall the unit using the new retaining clamp.

18.   Attach your fuel lines. The factory lines will fit onto the stainless stubs, however it is a tight fit. Wetting with spit is again recommended to ease the process and ensure you can push the fuel tubing up flush against the stainless 90 degree fitting (for a clean look).

NOTE:   this unit can be used as an exact replacement for stock, whereas one is for ON and one is for RESERVE, or, you can do away with the fuel selector switch and use one for supply and one for return (capping off the molded nipple on the tank) or finally, use one for each carb (if each has a fuel pump) and the stock vent line nipple will be used for the return.

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